The big SCAM of the real estate industry, has always been that traditional real estate companies have been trying to convince consumers and agents, that the reason you want to hire an agent, is simply because the real estate company they work for. These companies value THEIR BRANDS as their greatest asset…not their agents, and spend ALL of their money and resources marketing their brand. They also turn around, and train their agents to market their company’s brand first. Maybe that is why agents, who have been trained to market their real estate company’s brand their whole career, are so scared to leave their company?? They are so tethered to their company’s brand, they are scared what will happen if they leave…and that is exactly the way their real estate company WANTS it!!

At KW, we believe the agent is the BRAND OF RECOGNITION and KW is the BRAND OF REPUTATION…not the other way around. We are the only real estate company that systematically trains our agents to brand and market THEIR businesses first. But think about it…by teaching our agents to brand and market their businesses first, are we not making it easier for our agents to leave? If you are following our model, and you wanted to leave KW, your business would not miss a beat, because all you would have to do is change the name of the real estate company at the BOTTOM of your marketing. When you build a real estate company where your agents will never want or need to leave…it simply changes everything about how you treat them. ‪#‎TheKWEffect‬

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